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US Payroll & Taxes

We are conducting an Online Training Session on US Payroll. This will cover payroll topics including payroll legislation, payroll calculations. We will concentrate on laws that deal with the calculation of payroll and payroll withholdings.

The course will cover the generation of payroll registers and earnings reports, the primary tools to help us calculate payroll.

We will discuss how to calculation payroll tax withholding like federal income tax (FIT), social security, and Medicare. We will calculate net pay from gross pay. This course will cover the processing of payroll tax forms like form 941, form 940, form W-2, form W-3, and form W-4.

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Fees – 2,650 INR/-
– 25 & 26 November 2023



●Payroll laws

●Calculation of regular pay and overtime pay

●Calculation of employer and employee social security

● Calculation of employer and employee Medicare

● Calculation of employee federal income tax

● Calculation of employer federal unemployment tax (FUTA)

● Other payroll deduction

● Filling payroll forms including

• Form 941s

• Form 940

• Form W-2

• Form W-3

• Form W-4

● Payroll Definitions and key terms.

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