Online Course on Talent Acquisition

This program is for Talent acquisition professionals , HR managers / HRBP / Team Leaders driving the talent acquisition efficiency and effectiveness, and those who are looking to make a career in TA.

Program Outcomes:

Enhanced knowledge of effective sourcing & selection process, competency based selection, compensation fitment with benchmarking & baselining, and enhanced joining rate
Insight into new trends in sourcing techniques like X Ray searches, scraping, etc.

You will learn:

🔰 Job Analysis Techniques with Benchmarking and Baselining (XMR chart).

🔰 Job Description with tools.

🔰 10 free search engines to source candidates.

🔰 Free tools, chrome extensions, tricks for sourcing.

🔰 X-RAY searches.

🔰 IT recruitment free platforms.

🔰 Data Scraping – Extracting information for free from the internet.

🔰 Shortlisting & Selection Technique & Recruitment tracker.

● ISO 9001:2015 Certified

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