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Performance Management System - (PMS)

We aew conducting a Course on ” Performance management System and Performance Appraisal”.
Master Performance Planning and Appraisal Structures to Align Talent with Business Strategy

Join us in this Course to learn PMS Cycle & techniques

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Fees – 2,000 INR/-
– January 10th & 14th. 
Time – 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM 


OKR Process
Defining KRA/KPI
Setting up smart goals
Performance appraisal system ( 90-720 degree)Appraisals & promotions


Introduction Understand the key success factors to being a successful Performance Management professional

Uncover Performance Management Learn about the performance management lifecycle and the role of each stakeholder across the process

Align Results Translate business goals into team and individual goals and cascade them effectively

Provide Feedback Understand how to enable continuous and planned feedback; enable managers to have effective conversations

Plan for Development Create effective IDPs to enable development and use performance data to enable effective people decisions

Embed Objectivity Create an objective rating process through normalization and actively learning to avoid biases

Review Talent Gain insight into the best practices in talent review to ensure maximum RoI from PMS cycle

Drive a High Performance Culture Sustain performance in your organization using the systems, skills and spirit model

(Certificates post-workshop will be provided)

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