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Advance Excel VBA & Macros

Understand what a data guided manager is with Choosing Kpi and using Kpi. You will learn how to manage culture change You will learn core Advance Excel, VBA & Macros

DATE – 21 & 22 October 2023

TIME – 4 – 8 PM

PRICE – INR 3000/-


Recording, certificate & material Also included !!!

Register yourself in this certified course to learn In just two days of online in-depth, focused training, go beyond Excel basics and expand your knowledge of this powerful program!

Understand and unleash the power of Excel’s most complex capabilities!

Attend this extraordinary, information-packed program : –


DATE – 21ST, 22ND October 2023 ( SAT, SUNDAY )

TIME – 4 PM – 8 PM ( BOTH DAYS )

PRICE – 3000/- 


Topics :-

Advance Excel

✳Use 3-D References

✳Determine Potential Outcomes Using Data Tables

✳Usage of Custom Cell Formats

✳Vlookup/Hlookup/Xlookup/Nested Vlookup

✳Advanced filter application, criteria-based filtering with AND & OR Logic.

✳Filling the Blanks/Error with data

✳Application of Dashboard functions like Countif, Sumif/S.

✳Working with Logical functions like IFS, Nestedif, Switch AND, OR.

✳Interpretation of Pivot Data

✳Dashboard for Visual data representation


✳How to Create an Excel Dashboard?

✳Things to Do Before You Even Start Creating an Excel Dashboard

Full of VBA techniques used by professionals.

Come away with practical code you can use in your own spreadsheets.

Complete real-world Macro/VBA projects from start to finish.

Understand VBA enough to alter code you find online to fit your purpose.

How to record a Macro and create interactive buttons to run it!

✳How to automate your repetitive Excel tasks using the VBA Editor!

✳VBA code by way of simple explanations of the VBA coding language that even 5-year-old understands!

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